Peter Geusebroek

Peter Geusebroek followed his education at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.
He graduated in 1975 with a urban renewal project about neighbourhood participation in a 19th century district of Amsterdam.
After his studies, he founded an architectural firm with assignments for housing and urban planning in urban environments. In the late nineties, he won an international competition for urban renewal in Berlin. The winning design was realized and, next to his Dutch projects, also a number of projects in East Germany were realized. Several projects have been published in Architecture magazines.

Koen Verheij

Koen Verheij studied at the Technical College in Groningen and at the universities of Delft and Ahmedabad. Since 2008 he works as a designer at Geusebroek Stefanova and developed himself as an architect and project manager. In 2012 he and Peter started a collaboration and started their collective office Geusebroek Verheij Architects.
His ambition to design and realize buildings became apparent in his first years in Groningen. Right after university Koen started working with Peter, it became clear they formed a good team. They worked on a number of successful projects and competitions in Amsterdam, Almere and Zaandam. The opportunity to collaborate in a joint office was therefore a natural step.