Sustainability is more than a low energy bill and the use of environmentally friendly building materials. For us, above all, it is about future relevance of the building and its architecture. Sustainability is determined by the durability of a building during its lifespan. It is our belief that a building, regardless of the installations, should be able to adapt to the continuous evolution of society.
A dwelling is made for generations. Mechanical and electrical components chosen by today standards and provide in things the building can’t provide itself. A good design withstands multiple stages of life, because it is appreciated and therefore one is willing to modify it to changing needs.

The Green Pin (Amsterdams Sustainability Award)

An excellent example of this is the renovation of the Saenredamstraat, which is awarded with the Green Pin. A dearly loved building was maintained and transformed to modern apartments with energy-efficient solutions. What makes the project special is that sustainability takes place at many different levels. Firstly the transformation extends the lifespan of the building. In addition, the building envelop was optimised to lower energy usage and maximize the interception of solar energy. Furthermore qualitative and innovative installations were integrated to further reduse energy consumption. The energy consumption was lowered by 79%, and the energy lab rating jump from E to A (scale A to G).